Hi, I'm Naima.

I'm a writer, librettist, and stage director. A collaborative storyteller, I'm skilled at shaping compelling narratives, writing for multimedia, and creating memorable experiences for the public. P.S. Je suis bilingue en français et en anglais. 

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High Z Project

It always seems impossible until it's done.

- Nelson Mandela


To express yourself. “I write because no one can ever take that away from me,” artist-scholar Naila Keleta-Ma said in a workshop I took years ago. “All you need is a pen and paper.” We all have a story to tell. A perspective to share. An idea to dream up. What’s your story? 


To surprise yourself. Everyone has a creative side, but we don’t always see it. Creativity is a scientist making a discovery. It’s a parent soothing a crying baby. It’s a lover taking a leap, a traveller wandering in a new city, and a neighbour helping a stranger. Where do you create?


To enrich yourself. In her collaboration course at Columbia University, theatre director Anne Bogart stressed the importance of mutual respect, trust and flexibility. I apply these values to every project. It isn’t always easy, but it brings out the best in us. How do you collaborate?

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