Writing is a great tool to bring people together, spark dialogue, and share stories.

My background in the arts allows me to approach each project with versatility and a spirit of collaboration. I'm skilled at crafting compelling narratives, writing for multimedia, and shaping memorable experiences for the public.

As a freelance writer, I work closely with clients to create content that reflects their vision. With more than 10 years of experience across disciplines, I've written and translated a variety of copy, including web content, responses to requests for proposals, and the script for a museum exhibit.

Writing & Editing

I’m a versatile writer with experience in
bilingual communications
content creation
creative writing
plays and scripts
proposal writing


I’ve rendered and collaborated on translations (French-English) of
articles & books
a film script

internal communications
project proposals
social media


I have a solid background in theatre and offer support for  
audience experience 
concept development
multimedia content
performance creation
project management
research & adaptation

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