My Story

Write. Create. Collaborate.

Singing in a choir welcoming Nelson Mandela in an arena full of children. Witnessing the funerary celebration of a Bamileke chiefdom in Cameroon. Performing in a château in the South of France. Participating in a telescope observation run with professional astronomers. 

These are some of the experiences that shaped who I am today. And they all have something in common: they happened because of some form of collaboration. 

I wouldn’t have taken part in Nelson Mandela’s welcome if I hadn’t been in a choir in high school. My family moved to Cameroon for a year so my mother could train teachers in new technical colleges. Practising physical theatre with a company called Pantheatre led to my performance at the Roy Hart Centre, located in a French château. And I participated in an observation run to inform my work with artists and scientists.

That’s why I love to write, create, and collaborate. It takes us beyond our imagination. 



I’m a bilingual writer in English and French, with a background in theatre. I'm the director and co-producer of High Z, a project bringing together artists and scientists. My projects have taken me to Paris, New York, and Santiago.

I hold an MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University. I’ve written a dozen plays and collaborated on the translation of a number of books and articles. My playwriting credits include Birthday Triage (Horace Mann Theater), My Artichoke Heart (Dream Up Festival, Theater for the New City) and Night Spell (Nextfest). 

I was a member of the 2014-2016 Interdisciplinary Unit (Project M45) at Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal. I taught theatre and creative writing at Bishop’s University and various K-12 schools. I’m a recipient of the Gloria Mitchell-Aleong Award and the Shubert Presidential Fellowship.


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